The Health in Every Drop

"Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship."


Synergy of ancient Himalayan heritage, time-tested herbal formulas and latest researches in biotechnology gives life to DAKNANG viable products.

We sincerely believe that our products promote balance, health, spiritual awareness and well-being.

With everything we do, we want to help people transition from curative health care lifestyle to longevity and well-being.

Pure Vision Sorig Ltd. is DAKNANG brand creator.
Company is registered and operates in European Union, but indeed has multinational origins and borderless aspirations.

Our core team consists of people with a very different background, but we have converged together to design products we all sincerely believe in.

For more than 8 years we are cooperating with one of the best Master of Sowa Rigpa (Himalayan Knowledge of Healing) traditional medical science – Doctor Sherab Tenzin.


Pure Vision or DAKNANG (དག་སྣང in Tibetan) is key Buddhist philosophical concept of experiencing and seeing everything as pure in its true nature.

It brings transformation, joy, kindness and wakefulness to the hearts of beings, and dispels the ignorance of the mind, which is the primary cause of all sufferings.

In ancient medical text (Gyudshi) it is said:

“No matter how high the bird may soar in the sky, it is never separated from its shadow; likewise, even though beings may live in health and harmony, as long as they possess lack of understanding of meaning of selflessness, it is impossible for them to be separated from diseases and sufferings."
(Ancient Medical Text)

What we do

With DAKNANG we are creating the bridge between the ancient Himalayan knowledge of healing (Sowa Rigpa) and modern medical science.

Sowa Rigpa is based on centuries of experience, systematic, logical approach and gives the complete understanding of inner body and its relation with outer environment.

Its aim is the treatment of diseases by creating the balance of fundamental energies and elements and maintaining a good health and long life.

Our skills are unique. We create healing plant-based products that enhance people’s health, spirit, and well-being.

Why we do it

DAKNANG has been created with genuine intention of helping people to achieve this sacred balance.

We are following the pure and unbroken medical lineage, relying on knowledge, experience, and aspirations of Dr. Sherab Tenzin who is the heart student of late Dr. Trogawa Rinpoche.

We are not creating anything new or unknown, but simply revealing and integrating into the West that which has been known for centuries.

It is said that is order to achieve happiness, we need to create congruous causes.

Therefore we abandoned the use of any animal products and we engage in proper harvesting and cultivation of medical herbs, thus maintaining the harmony with the outer environment.

We wish to bring the awareness that inner health and strength is based not only on body elements and state of mind but also on our interconnection with an environment and all living beings.

Pure Eco Products Made from Highest Quality Ingredients

All formulas are made based on Tibetan Medicine ancient knowladge and personally by Dr. Sherab Tenzin


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