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Lifestyle brand across ages, cultures and continents

Our brand story is about how ancient wisdom, nature power and latest scientifically innovations can help everybody to stay healthy and keep calm in our unhealthy troubled world.
Unique Daknang herbal products have been prepared from Himalayan medicinal plants and minerals according to Tibetan Traditional Medical
Science Sowa-Rigpa formulas benefiting the body’s systems, restoring and strengthening its overall health.
Products are formulated in Asia, but produced in



Our genuine intention is to inspire people to change their life here and now no matter where they are.
The positive transformation lies through a change of daily habits, diet, lifestyle and way of thinking.
We are not creating anything new, but simply revealing and integrating in daily life that which has been known for centuries.
We have a value and we need to share it.
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Dr Sherab Tenzin



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