Daknang is a synergy of time-honored Tibetan Medicine, Plant Kingdom and International standards of pharmacopeia. In the heart of Daknang is a prominent Doctor of Tibetan Medicine – Dr. Sherab Tenzin, who develops own and revises existing recipes, supervises clinical trials and heals people.


Traditional Tibetan Medicine


Traditional Tibetan Medicine (TTM) places highest importance to the factor of conscious choice and mindfullness. As any other traditional medicine it relies on natural resources obtained from local area, such as herbs, minerals and other naturally occuring substances. Hence, herbal recipes are at the centre of TTM, providing quite a unique, advantageous and safe treatment experience.


Dr. Sherab Tenzin


Dr. Sherab Tenzin is one of the World’s most prominent doctors of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. He has earned degree in Tibetan Medicine in 1996. In total academic studies lasted more than 9 years, throughout this time and till nowadays Dr. Sherab is practicing medicine – healing surrounding people. In 2009 Dr. Sherab received degree of the “Men Rampa” in Traditional Tibetan Medicine “Sowa-Rigpa”.


Products and technology


Daknang products have completely natural origin, high digestibility coefficient and are based on recipes of Traditional Tibetan Medicine. Formulas contain from 2 to dozens of ingredients, most of which are collected in the middle and high-altitude areas of the Himalayas. 


Liquid herbal extracts are made by using know-how technology – herbs are processed with organic grain alcohol at a low temperature with ultrasound assistance, such combination allows to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and phytochemicals. The liquid form of extract allows body to absorb active ingredients in 1-4 minutes, against 20 minutes of analogue products (non-liquid solutions).

Dr. Sherab Tenzin

Meet Dr. Sherab, the heart of Daknang. Learn about his extraordinary background, projects and activities. 


Read about the journey of how the plant that grows in Himalayan mountains, become the potent drop in Europe.  


Learn how it works and how it benefits your body and mind. Know the advantages of liquid extract.

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