Become a Daknang Distributor/Reseller

Our aim is to become on of the leading companies and brands in the world that provides pure and bio alternative medicinal products for health and energy based on the nature and modern science.

herbal product catalogue for distributors

Great Product, Great Possibilities

Make this world better and earn additional income. We provide you all necessary marketing materials and instructions for Daknang herbal supplemet distribution to reach your financial goals.

  • Landing pages for online campains
  • Presentation materials for printing
  • Product pictures and descriptions
  • Facebook and instagram activities plan
  • Video materials
  • Web page template (for regional distributors only)
  • Consultation and support
Mahatma Gandhi

“Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Lets Make this World Healthier and Better Together!

We are looking for distributors who represent the same values as we are. Those who want to help people to be healthier and happier. Those who want to change the medicinal industry the same way as food industry is changing right now – going to ecology and purity. We believe and know that nature already have everything to help us be healthy, energized and happy without chemical drugs and additives.

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What Do I need to Do to Become Distributor/Reseller?

You need to match our minimum requirements for application. You could see them below.  If they are ok, just fill the necessary form and we gonna contact you in 3 working day period.

Minimum requirements for regional distributor

  • Distributors are required to purchase a minimum of 30 units of product per order.
  • Agrees not to sell Daknang products online at a price lower than the currently advertised prices listed on www.daknang.com.
  • Have resources (personal, financial, time) to advertise and promote Daknang products on local market.
  • Must have a health related business, a domain/website with an active product storefront and/or a physical location/clinic that currently sells health related products and/or nutritional products.

Minimum Requirements for reseller

  • Agrees not to sell Daknang products online at a price lower than the currently advertised prices listed on www.daknang.com
  • Agrees not to spread the inacuare information about the Daknang products and their properties.
  • Need to have appropriate personal social profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin.
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