3 Reasons Why Daknang Products are Outstanding

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In this post we will summarize why Daknang is the best source of wellbeing and health for you and your family, regardless of your age, origin and convictions.

Daknang seeks synergy and harmony

Whatever we do, whatever happens to us, we are constantly facing important dilemmas, whether it is  to be or not to be, whether it was my fault or others’ fault, but eventually we make a permanent decision, a short and unchangeable choice.

We have found out that at least for health issues it is not the best principle to spin around the issue and dwell on the options, but to make a concrete choice.

Our organism and vital organs possess self-intelligence, which means that it is not us who decide what will help us in case of a specific ailment, but the body and its cells that will react either one way or in another.

In such situations, the best we can do is to offer a safe and organic choice to our organism, in our case, we provide a selective composition of plants that are simultaneously as versatile and as narrowly targeted as it is possible, in pursuit of synergy and balance, facilitated with the assistance of organism’s natural intelligence.

Daknang is open for past and future

Although Daknang key formulas are based on a time-tested Tibetan medicine, our irreplaceable Dr. Sherab is tirelessly seeking new combinations that are relevant for today.

As for the product technology, as you may already know, our food supplements exist in the form of a liquid extract.

In order to get the richest extract possible, we have conducted a very extended research of extraction methods and examined most of them to finally develop the most optimal technology, which is very innovative and outstanding.

With this said, we are open to everything new that makes sense, provides benefits and leads to a better life.

Daknang is an ecosystem

Yes, every company starts with people and ours is no exception, but not every big company becomes a community and establishes an infrastructure, as Daknang did.

Right now, after only 2 years of operations, Daknang has already united hundreds of people with different background and skills, and we are extremely proud to have them on board and provide the best possible service.

Apart from having this most precious asset, we have several clinics, pharmacies and recreational centers in Nepal, the very a place where Himalayas actually part, which  provides habitat for the majority of plants used in our formulas.

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