How to Stay Healthy and Keep Calm in Our Unhealthy, Troubled World?

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The deepest problems of modern life flow from the loss of balance.

Prolonged stress, uncaring relationships, sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diet, huge informational stream and gadget addiction lead to the loss of balance.

As a result, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, obesity, poor eyesight, tinnitus caused by stress and energy imbalance become common experiences for most people.

Why do we continue to lose health and wellbeing in an extremely educated 21 century? What to do?

The time we spent at the East made it possible to meet the challenge and get a clear reply:

You really can enhance your life and health right now, no matter where you are! Here and now.

Himalaya-addicted person:

“My life now is invisibly linked with the Himalayas. It is a world of snowy eight-thousand peaks, wild yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras, temples, sacred sites and dungchen sounds. It is a completely different reality, full of magic and mystery. It is a serene calm, endurance, humility and balance. Having been there once, I can no longer be the same. I don’t know how it is possible, but here in Asia it feels like home. I finally realized that my life is flowing in the right direction. The main thing is to relax and calm your mind. My constant aspiration to Minimalism here in the East became clearer and said that everything is going right. I am a creator of my own life. Only I am responsible”.

To the ancient origins

Our story is about the ancient Himalayan knowledge of healing.

It is a unique understanding of both the cause and the nature of the disease, based on centuries of experience and systematic, logical approach which provides a complete understanding of the inner body and its relation with the outer environment.

Doctor Sherab Tenzin, the world-famous master of the Sowa-Rigpa Tibetan medicine, devoted his entire life to benefit the health of mankind and to preserve and share precious knowledge.

The DAKNANG essence

DAKNANG or PURE VISION is a key philosophical concept of experiencing and seeing everything as pure in its true nature.

It brings transformation, joy, kindness and wakefulness to the hearts of beings, and dispels the ignorance of the mind, which is the primary cause of all sufferings.

In an ancient medical text (Gyudshi), it is said: “No matter how high the bird may soar in the sky, it is never separated from its shadow”.

Likewise, even though beings may live in health and harmony, as long as they possess ignorance, it is impossible for them to be separated from diseases and sufferings.

Our mission is to explain how ancient wisdom can be used to stay healthy and keep calm in our unhealthy, troubled world.

We are not creating anything new, but simply revealing that which has been known for centuries, and integrating it in daily life.

We can show you how to improve your health, restore the balance, find the path to a cure, long life and wellbeing, here and now.

The power of plants

We revitalize traditional knowledge of Himalayan healing herbs, which has 2500 years of history of being used for human health and longevity.

More than 1000 medicinal plants and minerals are being used in the Tibetan pharmacopeia.

All at once, a collection of unique DAKNANG products was born.

Himalayan medicinal plants and minerals have been prepared in a new liquid form according to the ancient formulas benefiting the body’s systems, restoring and strengthening its overall health.

Our mission

Our sacred mission is to enhance human lifestyle and help people transition from expensive treatment to prevention of health issues,  from curative health-care to well-being and longevity.

We are building a bridge between East and West by creating vital products which combine time-tested ancient Eastern knowledge of healing and the latest Western innovations.

We wish to bring the awareness that inner health and strength is based not only on body elements and state of mind but also on our interconnection with the environment and all living beings.

Our aim is the prevention of diseases by creating the balance of fundamental energies and elements and maintaining a good health and long life.

Become a part of DAKNANG family, and together we will find the path to a cure and happiness!

It is easier than you think – you only need to change some habits, lifestyle, diet, and way of thinking.

We are creators. We are able to restore Health through the Balance. Let’s create a new reality together.



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