Cold vs man flu. Symptoms, treatment and side effects

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For as long as we can remember, we have poked fun at the men because once they catch a cold they begin to act like they are lying bare on their deathbed.

At this point of time, we have – also – considered the term “drama queens” for them.

We lovingly mock at them because we consider this as an act of theirs to receive the care that they so longingly crave for but cannot obtain because they are too busy manning up.

Despite all the jokes that have been cracked with regard to the renowned “man flu” not being real, there are certain evidences which point at it not being a myth anymore.

A few researchers from the Harvard University found that because males lack the sex hormones that their counterparts are equipped with, they are not as immune to fight the “common cold.

To worsen the situation for the men, the Royal Holloway University researchers found that there are some viruses which are more inclined to killing men as compared to the women.

Man flu: Myth or Reality?

Ironically, several people around the world are still not aware of the term “man flu”.

However, it has become so commonly used that it has become a part of the Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries.

However, to define “man flu” broadly, it can be termed as a the flawed behavior of the men when they contract a cold.

Owing to the symptoms of that they have to suffer, they soon adopt the role of a “patient” – from the “man of the family” – to seek love and care from other members of the family.

However, it could – also – signal towards the fact that men are suffering more as compared to the women.

To support this claim that has been put across the table, the following was found:

man flu kick in face

  1. The better the antibody reaction that arises following an influenza vaccination, the better are the chances of lessening the severity of the flu.It was found that women have a better local and systemic response as compared to the men – men with higher testosterone levels have a lower antibody response.
  2. A survey conducted by a magazine, also, found that women take lesser time to recover from a flu-like illness as compared to the women. While, the number of days for women stands as 3 days, for men it stands at 1.5 days.
  3. In accordance with one of the studies which gathered data from six years found that in comparison to the women – the men were hospitalized more often, with a condition of a flu. Another study on similar lines, reported more deaths of the men as compared to those of the women because of flu.

The results so found is in indicative of the fact that the men out there might not be behaving helplessly for reason at all.

However, the evidence is not enough support – but it does suggest that it is not wise to overlook the possibility of “man flu’s” existence.

The difference between a cold and a flu:

difference between cold and flu

Now that we have come to understand the term “man flu”, we must also acquaint ourselves with the term “cold” and “flu”, separately.

Scratchy throat, pounding head and the nose that just won’t stop running – all this puts you under the dilemma whether you are suffering from a cold or is it a flu?

Despite being caused by two different viruses, the symptoms of the two are quite similar.

Thus, it becomes a little difficult to judge whether it’s a cold or a flu on the basis of the symptoms alone.

However, according to the observation, it can be concluded that flu can be said to be worse than the cold and its symptoms are slightly more intense.

Also, when it comes to comparing the two – colds are considered to be mild whilst flu can result to diseases that are serious in nature.

However, given the weather conditions in the geographical location – people are vulnerable to contract a cold that can be serious.

Thus, to become sure of the disease people are suffering with – they opt to get a formal check up done.

Guide to spotting the difference between the two:

A guide to help you throught the difference between the two is good, isn’t it?

This is going to come in handy when you have are having a hard time in visitng the doctor.

A cold would mean you contract the following symptoms:

  • Sneezing
  • Running nose
  • Sore throat
  • Constant watery eyes

cold diagnosis

While the symptoms of the flu include:

  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Muscle ache
  • Nausea
  • High fever

Treatment, Treatment: all we are looking for

 No matter what it is, the major quest that we are on is how to find a way around it and  the best way to do so is rely upon all the natural resources and you could also rely upon zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D supplements – they may not completely protect you from the cold but they can reduce the time of the cold.

cold treatment with medicine

But to reiterate on the facts, mankind can achieve the greatest of things but to achieve a cure for common cold is one of the hardest things.

There are no vaccines developed for the same, however, there are some measures that you could follow:

  • Avoid the afflicted: Like happiness, cold is contagious – so the best thing for you to do is avoid a person who has caught it. And since it is a two way road, it is advised for you to stay home.
  • Drinks are a relief: Anything warm is going to work wonders when it comes to making you feel better because they act as a lubricant for your throat.
  • Hygeine: Practicing hygiene is going to be even better to keep the virus at bay. Clean and disinfect all those surfaces which are frequently touched so that you are not under any such risks.
  • Sleep: Yes, sleep is not for the weak – in fact – it is for the ones who are trying to fight the weakness that is slowly trying to creep over them.

 Since, the only possibility at your disposal is to bring about relief to the symptoms and by following the steps mentioned above religiously you can manage to get rid of the cold sooner!

 Treatment for the flu:

Flu is the worse and we completely empathize with you.

The first thing that comes into mind to cure the flu is an antiviral drug.

They may come in handy when you have contracted influenza but you know sometimes when you rely upon home remedies – they can cast their magic and make your feel better in a jiffy.

  • Hydrate:

If the flu worsens and increases to the extent that you begin to puke – hydrating yourself time and time again will help do away with it.

The more the intake of fluids, the sooner it will be time to bid adieu to the flu.

Be it water or fruit juices – you are good to go but at this time it is advisable to stay away from the caffeine.

No matter what fluid you are consuming – make sure it is in small amounts so that you do not throw up.

Also, it is important for you to keep away from alcohol because it will further make you sleepy and flu will already be working on that.

  • Soup, for the win:

cold treatment with soup

It is a ritual that whenever the children catches a colds or a flu – their parents address the needs of the throat using soup.

According to an article published in a journal, chicken soup helps with infections like the flu.

So, mom was right all this while. Nonetheless, it is also the placebo. If you feel that you are bound to get better after consuming soup – you will get better.

  • Steam:

Moist air is the perfect remedy when it comes to easing the problem of a sore throat.

Warm showers must become your go-to in such a condition and if you just want to sit around the warm water – do just that.

But do everything to make your body feel better.

  • Back at it with being a couch potato:

Your body may give you signals, day in and day out, especially when you have fallen sick.

It is going to ask of you to keep away from working out or getting out of bed and that is just what you have to do because your body is in need of rest and it deserves it.

  • Gargle:

Ah, the horror of a sore throat!

You begin to feel like there is no way that you can get rid of this problem but then there comes your aid – garling.

Make use of salt water so that you can get rid of the thick mucus which is causing all that irritation in your throat.

  • The tent:

This method is similar to indulging in a steam.

Heat the water in a saucepan and make sure that it is boiling hot.

Drape a towel around your head and lean over the saucepan – breath deeply for 30 seconds.

In order to achieve the required results, you can add two drops of peppermint or eucalyptus oil to the water and to help you ease the congestion that you have been going through.

  • Nasal irrigation:

Yes, that is a thing and now that you are aware of it – you must totally rely upon it.

The process involves pouring salt water in one nostril and letting it out of the other – you can either prepare this solution at home and get rid of all the infuriating mucus or you can make use of ones which are available in drugstores.

  • Caregiver:

giving care

It is a secretly acknowledged fact that we are all little children from the inside and there is nothing better then having someone to take care of us when we are sick, right?

It could either be family or friends, there should be someone by your side who is going to make you feel better emotionally so that you can get fit psychically.

Why not the flu shot?

Amidst all these suggestions that have been put forward, you might be wondering why shouldn’t I get a flu shot?

People are of the perception that the flu shot is going to make them feel better sooner than any of the remedies that have been mentioned above but – no, that is a misconception.

They don’t work more than half of the time – it has also been found that they are not as effective as people expect them to be.

It is a lesser known fact that flu shots are more dangerous than the flu itself because the shot is injecting protein molecules – which are not native to your body – in your bloodstream.

Do you realize how harmful that could be?

It could lead to an allergic reaction, for all you know.

Yours and your parent’s DNA has a million of differences –   can you imagine how disastrous things are going to be if a completely different DNA is going to be introduced?

no to flu vaccine

People go ahead and get the flu shot but the problem is that they overlook the warning that has been mentioned on it.

The most vital thing for you to note, apart from a foreign protein’s introduction to your body, is that they are also introducing aluminium which does not belong to your body in the first place.

Additionally, the people who are allergic to eggs should take note that egg protein would also be injected. Sounds hazardous, doesn’t it?

At the end of the day, you are aware of the symptoms that can help you determine whether it is a cold that you are suffering from or a flu…

…and you are, also, aware of the fact that it would be the best for you to stay away from the flu shot because it can cause more harm than good.


So whatever you do – home remedies are a go-to.

At Daknang we have formulated special liquid herbal formula especially suitable for cold and flu.

It could help to prevent first symptoms or cure disease much faster.

It even help to prevent illness by boosting immune system.

More info you could find by clicking on the banner below.

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