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Daknang 108 • BALANCE

• Restore sleep
• Improve mood
• Weight control
• Increase energy
• Promote recovery

Modern fast pacing environment can be challenging at times, even for strongest of us. Chronic emotional, physical, or mental overloads can throw your nerves and hormones out of balance, leaving you exhausted, unmotivated, and down. If you find yourself too often having “off” mood, lack of energy or not seeing bright future whatsoever, this formula is for you!

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What is it?

Daknang 108 herbal extract is a 6 Himalayan plants based formula for body and mind balance.

Formula is intended to revitalize energy and enhance mood. It restores the body by bringing all biological constituents to their optimum level.

How does it work?

BALANCE is natural source of powerful bio-active compounds and adaptogens that improve metabolic activity and produce natural energy that leads to all body systems better functioning, strengthening physical and mental health.

It increases the threshold of resistance to damage through supporting adrenal and pituitary glands, thus allowing your body to repair and restore its energy and functions to the optimal levels, depending on YOUR individual needs.


<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE


<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE


<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE


<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE


<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE


6 Ingredients

Protects heart
Supports blood vessels
Energy boost
Promotes weight loss
Nourishes skin
Improves circulation

Herbal liquid extract 1:10 in recommended daily allowance (RDA) 10 drops ~ 0,375 ml:

Extraction solvent ethanol 68% vol.

How to use?

<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE

Mix 10 drops in glass of warm boiled water

<b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE
  • Take once daily in the morning or afternoon
  • Take extra dose whenever needed
  • <b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE

    Take ≥ 30 min before or after meal

    This product is a 100% natural, safe, effective and not habit-forming food supplement. The supplement is recommended to use from the age of 16.

    Don’t use the food supplement as a complete and balanced nutrition substitute.
    Don’t exceed the recommended daily allowance.
    Keep in cool and dry place out of the reach and sight of children!
    Don’t use in case of individual intolerance to components.
    Don’t use during pregnancy or lactation!

    Daknang.com makes no claim for the therapeutic qualities of the herbal food supplements, presented in the online shop. However, the traditional values of herbs used in Daknang.com herbal food supplements are well known and information may be obtained from official scientific monographs, books and the Internet publications. Please remember that the ultimate choice is yours, thus giving you more control over your health.

    Daknang.com intends to ensure the accuracy of its product pictures and information, but some packaging changes may be pending update on our online-shop. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, quality and accordance are always guaranteed. We recommend you to read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use.


    1 review for Daknang 108 • BALANCE

    1. <b> Daknang 108 • </b> BALANCE


      Добрый день, хочу оставить отзыв. Тибетская медицина и эти капли стали для меня приятной неожиданностью – после 2 месяцев применения капель я прошла плановое обследование и по его результатом стало очевидно значительное оздоровление всего организма и систем! Это было совсем неожиданно и конечно приятно. Самочувствие так постепенно улучшалось, что я не заметила, что все время себя чувствую хорошо! Наладился сон и настроение, наладилось пищеварение, прошли головные боли. Спасибо большое и доктору и всей команде, которые нашли возможность воплотить древние рецепты и помогать людям! Рекомендую от всей деши! Всем здоровья!

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