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Daknang™18 Wild Power of Ginseng

  • Alleviate fatigue.
  • Alleviate  physical and mental stress.
  • Anti-emetic
  •  Stimulates sexual function.
  • Adaptogenic.
  • Reduce blood cholesterol levels. Capable of increasing the resistance of the body to a wide range of negative factors – physical, chemical, biological.

Excellent tool to alleviate fatigue, physical and mental stress.

This product is a 100% natural, safe, effective and not habit-forming food supplement. The supplement is recommended to use from the age of 16.

Don’t use the food supplement as a complete and balanced nutrition substitute.
Don’t exceed the recommended daily allowance.
Keep in cool and dry place out of the reach and sight of children!
Don’t use in case of individual intolerance to components.
Don’t use during pregnancy or lactation! makes no claim for the therapeutic qualities of the herbal food supplements, presented in the online shop. However, the traditional values of herbs used in herbal food supplements are well known and information may be obtained from official scientific monographs, books and the Internet publications. Please remember that the ultimate choice is yours, thus giving you more control over your health. intends to ensure the accuracy of its product pictures and information, but some packaging changes may be pending update on our online-shop. Although items may occasionally ship with alternate packaging, quality and accordance are always guaranteed. We recommend you to read labels, warnings and directions of all products before use.

Wild power

Adapt, adjust and recalibrate yoursel depending on emotional and physical surroundings.

natural supplement for energy daknang 18

What is Daknang™18 Wild Power of Ginseng?

Himalayan wild ginseng based extract for coping with the normal day-to-day aggravations of life.

It improves body’s ability to counteract overactive adrenal response, enabling to avoid reaching a point of over-stress, burn-out or total collapse.

Ginseng is world known and well-studied adaptogenic herb that help the body to adapt, adjust and recalibrate itself depending on emotional and physical surroundings.

How does it work?

Daknang 18 increases the threshold of resistance to damage through supporting the adrenal glands and immune-neuro-endocrine system.

It affects the body through multi-targeted and multi-channel network-like manner, and help maintain ideal homeostasis under adverse or stressful conditions.

It strengthens the functioning of each system, promotes optimal response depending on current need and helps regulate the energy use.

Stress is the body’s heightened emotional and physiological response to a challenging or demanding stimuli.

Adrenal glands respond to stress by releasing hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, that are part of “fight or flight” response.

These hormones are associated with a wide range of effects on both mind and body, including rapid increase of heart rate, blood pressure, breathing and mental alertness.

This is normal response mechanism to a temporary stressful situation. However, frequent and sustained release of these hormones can result in weakened immune system, inappropriate activation of inflammatory pathways, over-active and worried mind, poor concentration, sleep disturbances and general fatigue.



  • Provides with a steady supply of energy through enhancing cellular energy transfer
  • Increases physical endurance, promotes libido and sexual potency
  • Restores natural sleep cycle and soothes internal tension
natural energy boosters



  • Alleviates the damages of chronic stress, such as over-active and worried mind, poor concentration, sleep disturbances and general fatigue
  • Improve body’s natural immune response and resistance to infections
  • Supports recovery from long, serious and debilitating illness


General well-being

  • Helps to restore overall balance and strengthen the functioning of the body as a whole
  • Acts as natural bioregulator that increases the ability to adapt to emotional and physical stress
  • Helps to stabilize the internal environment by affecting immune-neuro-endocrine system
improve health and wellbeing

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natural supplement for energy daknang 18

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