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<b> Men Power • </b> Rejuvenation Set

Men Power •  Rejuvenation Set

From: 50
• Energy • Anti-aging • Sexual strength • Liver • Prostate health Powerful Himalayan plants...
<b> Women's Shine • </b> Rejuvenation Set

Women’s Shine • Rejuvenation Set

From: 50
• Energy  • Anti-aging • Fertility • Sexuality • Pregnancy planning Powerful Himalayan plants for...
<b> Antiviral Set • </b> Himalayan Guardians

Antiviral Set • Himalayan Guardians

From: 50
• Flu & virus attack defence • Immunity enhancer • Anti-inflammatory The powerful...
Daknang <b> Discovery Set • </b> Mini

Daknang Discovery Set • Mini

We’ve selected Daknang most loved herbal products for Body, Mind...
Sport power set description

Sport Power Set • Highlander’s Power

From: 50
• Adaptogen • Endurance • Physical strength • Muscle mass Sport Power Set especially...
Meditation set description

Meditation Power • Meditate Easy!

Deep breathing • awareness of the present • mind calming...
<b> Vegan Power • </b> Healthier Lifestyle

Vegan Power • Healthier Lifestyle

Metabolism fire-up • natural detox • rejuvenation • endurance This...
<b> Weight Loss • </b> Balance Set

Weight Loss • Balance Set

From: 50
• Positive outlook on life • Appetite control • Energy • Better-aging The powerful...
<b> Immune Booster • </b> Allergy Relief

Immune Booster • Allergy Relief

From: 50
• Urgent cold & flu rescue • Prevention of allergies • Adaptogenic • Strengthening...
Natural antidepressant set description

Natural Antidepressant • Happy Mind

From: 50
• Mental stability • Relaxing bedtime routine • Good mood • Adaptogen Encourages positive...
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Our policy is simple: If you are not 100% satisfied with a Daknang brand product, we will give you a full refund.


* Return request must be submitted within 60 days of purchase.
* You must ship back your product and packaging.
* No more than one return per product per customer account.
* Only individual products apply for return.
* Product kits doesn’t apply for return.

Does my product qualify?

* All Daknang brand liquid herbal products have 60 days from the purchase date to start a return even if they are opened.
* All other products have 14 days from the purchase date to start a return only if they are unopened and in resealable condition.
* To apply for return, fill the contact form on daknang.com contact page.