Миробалан белерический

Beleric Myrobalan acts as an astringent and is helping in treating digestion related diseases. It is one of the ingredients of the Triphala of Ayurveda and is useful in the treatment of diseases related to eyes, nose, heart and bladder.

Latine name:

Terminalia bellerica

Tibet name:



200–1300 m

Beleric myrobalan healing herb

Anti-diarrheal activity – has prominent intestinal fluid anti-secretory effect.
Anti-spasmodic activity – shows relaxation effect on small intestine.
Antiulcer activity– shows significant reduction in free acidity, total acidity and ulcer index; and increase in mucus content.
Wound healing activity – cutaneous wounds and ulcers; gastrointestinal ulcers.

Analgesic activity
Antipyretic activity
Bronchodilatory activity
Anti-bacterial activity – especially effective against Salmonella sp., S. aureus; has antibiofilm activity against Streptococcus mutans (oral pathogen); shows β-lactamase inhibitor activity

Antidepressant-like activity
Antihypertensive effect

Anti-hyperlipidemic activity – suppress absorption of meal-derived lipids mediated by gallic acid, thus may play a role in preventing metabolic syndrome.
Reduction of atherosclerosis risk factors – has inhibitory effect on LDL oxidation, pro-inflammatory cytokines, LOX-1 expression and ROS production in macrophages.
Hepatoprotective activity

Antioxidant activity – possesses significant antioxidant activity at scavenging free radicals and hydroxyl radicals.
Anticancer activity– has growth inhibitory activity; showed anticancer effects on both lung and breast cancer cell lines.
Anti-mutagenic activity

Rejuvenation action:
Balances disorders of Bile and Phlegm
Restores physical strength

Gastrointestinal system:
Improves digestion
Clears hoarseness and relieves thirst
Heals mouth and throat ulcers
Stops diarrhea
Relieves hemorrhoids

Immune system and detoxification:
Purifies lymph and thus is beneficial for skin and joint disorders
Clears parasites
Lowers fever
Relieve headache caused by fever and heat
Beneficial for respiratory tract infections, cough and sore throat
Protects liver and lungs
Lowers cholesterol

Миробалан белерический

Миробалан белерический

Used in Our Products

Миробалан белерический

Daknang 1 Awareness Formula

Promotes mental well-being. Increases concentration and promotes sleep.
Миробалан белерический

Daknang 2 Herbal Synergy Power

Herbal food supplement. Stress relieving & mind calming. Tranquility.
Миробалан белерический

Daknang 3 Precious Formula

Immune supportive botanical elixir. Stay healthy and protected during cold & flu time.
Миробалан белерический

Daknang 8 Myrobalan Formula

Daily vitamin. Helps to compensate and balance nutritional deficiency. Energy & Endurance.
Миробалан белерический

Daknang 10 Daily Detox Formula ● ЕЖЕДНЕВНОЕ ОЧИЩЕНИЕ

Maintaining a healthy balance and harmony of body’s vital organs and energy systems.

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