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Dr. Sherab Tenzin

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Natural antivirus herbs

Antiviral Set ● Himalayan Antiviral Guardians

From: 50
flu & virus attack defense ● immunity enhancer ● anti-inflammatory...
Natural Antidepressant ● Happy Mind ● Healthy Body

Natural Antidepressant ● Happy Mind ● Healthy Body

From: 50
mental stability ● relaxing bedtime routine ●  good mood ● ...
Natural flu and cold remedy Daknang 3 - Precious Formula

Daknang 3 Precious Formula ● ADAPT+

From: 20
protection from colds & flu ● prevention of allergies ●...
Rated 5.00 out of 5

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Dr. Sherab Tenzin

Dr. Sherab Tenzin

All product formulas are compiled and supervised by famous Dr. Sherab Tenzin

  • Academic education in a Traditional Tibetan Medicine
  • Medical practice for more than 20 years
  • Founder of healing clinic and retreat center in Nepal
  • Running medicinal herbs plantations in Bhutan and Nepal
  • Acted in the National Geographic Channel series "The Science of the Mind"
  • Participating in a free medical camps, expeditions and tours

Quality & Safety

Our mission is to contribute to the understanding and use of plants with benefit to people and to help in transition from a curative to proactive health care.

We specialize in a liquid herbal extracts uniting Himalayan wisdom, wild nature and International standards of pharmacopeia.

About Daknang in 1 Minute

30 Everyday Health Improvement Excercises

Practice these instructions for 10 minutes every day, and you will improve your health!

Evaluate Your Immune System

In 1 minute,  You can evaluate Your immune system and get instructions to improve it!

Breathing Exercise to Change Your Life

This will probably shock you a little,  but You need this knowledge!

What Our Clients Say

Eliza Gudkova
Eliza Gudkova
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I had sleep problems, woke up 3 to 4 times per night and couldn't fall asleep again afterwards. After 3 days of taking Daknang 15 (Anxiety Free Formula), my sleep has greatly improved.
Sergey Sprisevsky
Sergey Sprisevsky
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For 7 years, I have had lasting migraines and pressure in my whole body, as well as great loss of energy. Then I started taking Daknang 1 every time as soon as the first symptoms of an upcoming migraine appeared, and the relief was noticeable at the same evening. It works if You use it!
Katalin Sinkovics
Katalin Sinkovics
Events Manager
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Daknang 7 Metabolism Formula - Can’t live without it. It does what it says on the tin! Perfect for metabolism. If you have any issues with your digestive systems, you have to have this. I have the slowest metabolism on the planet, suffered from stomach cramps and felt bloated all the time. I spend loads of money of different food supplements, pro and prebioticum to keep it under control. Not any more. I now take 10 drops of Daknang 7 daily and have a healthy gut with regular bowel movements.

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