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Here you could find answers probably to all questions you have or could have related to our products. If there isn’t answers to your question, just ask us in contact page. We are here to help you!

Our products are registered in European Union as a food/dietary supplements.

A plant extract is a substance or an active with desirable properties that is removed from the tissue of a plant, usually by treating it with a solvent, in our case liquid organic solvent.

We use dried herbs. In terms of amount of active ingredients, the difference between these two is insignificant. Herbs we use are dried according to low impact technology, which eliminates unnecessary plant’s mass, mostly water. By saving weight we leave smaller carbon footprint.

The main difference is that liquid herbal extract contains “released” active ingredients that are no longer kept in a plant cell, hence active ingredients are much easier and faster absorbed by our body.

A plant’s material consist ot thousands of constituents. For example broccoli contains more than 10,000 unique active ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytonutrients and other. By mass largest constituents are fiber and water.

In order to get the best from plant, we need to use an “agent” that will take all the best with him, this role is being performed by organic grain alcohol, as alcohol is the ultimate natural solvent. We have been comparing three types of solvents and alcohol demonstrated most stable and efficient showings. Apart from being a solvent alcohol is unsurpassed preservative.

We are using alcohol as a solvent, also known as grain alcohol (or ethanol), which is a naturally occurring substance and is considered organic.

Our extracts don’t contain GMO ingredients.

All naturally occurring substances throughout their formation are in contact with nature and their composition strongly depends on the environment that were surrounding the substance, that’s why there is certain variation from batch to batch, but the core active ingredients matrix that is actualizing the effect on our body almost always remains present.

In case your doctor in charge has given such prescription then yes, otherwise no.

It is always preferable to consult your doctor before using food supplements, however it is not obligatory, because herbs used in formulas, have been checked by regulatory authorities and dosage has been calculated according to recommended daily allowance standards.

Daknang product formulas don’t contain animal origin products and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Formulated in Asia,
made in Europe


Himalayan Healing Herbs

2500 years Eastern Art of Healing

Formulated by Dr. Sherab Tenzin - the Master of Tibetan Medicine

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