The main flower stem is 40–60 cm (16–24 in) tall, with small white or pink flowers in umbels. Caraway fruits (erroneously called seeds) are crescent-shaped achenes, around 2 mm (0.08 in) long.

Caraway fruit oil is also used as a fragrance component in soaps, lotions, and perfumes. Caraway is also used as a breath freshener, and it has a long tradition of use in folk medicine.

Latine name:

Carum carvi

Tibet name:



Found at 1800 to 4300 meters. It grows abundantly on meadows, rivers beds, roadsides and near human habitats.

caraway seeds

Gastrointestinal system effect – used adjunctively as a carminative in digestive disorders such as flatulence, bloating and indigestion, mild cramps in gastrointestinal area; shows to reduce lesions of gastric mucosal injuries, have anti-ulcerogenic and cytoprotective activity; shows to balance gut microflora which help in food digestion and absorption providing intestinal homeostasis.
Anti-obesity effect – shows to decrease body weight and fat mass and increase muscle mass; stimulates apoptosis in pre-adipocytes due to antioxidant activity, thus reduces adipose tissue mass through preventing adipogenesis and enhancing lipolysis in adipocytes.
Anti-diabetic effect – lowers serum glucose, LDL and triglyceride levels; have renoprotective effect.
Anti-spasmodic activity – relieves gastrointestinal spasms.
Anti-colvulsant effect – shows to prevent seizure and have anti-epileptic activity.

Renoprotective activity – due to its antioxidant effect.
Diuretic activity – shows to increase urinary output.

Anti-microbial activity – shows to have antibacterial action against wide range of pathogenic gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including H.pylori; exhibits anti-fungal activity (including dermatophytes, Vibrio spp. and yeast).
Bioenhancer property – shows to act as bioenhancer along with anti-tubercular drugs due to enhancement of mucosal to serial permeation.

Antioxidant activity – scavenges free radicals, inhibits lipid peroxidation.
Anti-inflammatory effect
Analgesic effect

Anti-stress activity
Nootropic activity

Rejuvenation action:
Balances Wind and heat combined disorders
Balances Phlegm disorders
Strengthens stomach and intestines
Strengthens eyesight
Restores physical strength
Increases maternal milk production

Gastrointestinal system:
Restores digestive heat
Relieves dyspepsia, meteorism, heartburn and abdominal distension
Relieves gastrointestinal spasms
Relieves gall bladder spasms
Stops diarrhoea
Relieves constipation
Improves appetite
Relieves nausea
Relieves symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
Clears parasites
Protect intestinal mucous membrane

Genitourinary system:
Relieves obstructed and painful urination
Relieves menstrual cramps
Acts as diuretic, promotes urination and removal of uric acid
Cleans toxins from kidneys
Prevents infections of urinary tract

Immune system and detoxification:
Purifies blood
Acts as antidote to poisoning
Relieves headache
Clears respiratory airways
Expels phlegm
Relieves shortness of breath
Lowers fever
Relieves sore throat, congestion due to colds and cough

caraway healing herb

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